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Listening #135: Carey, Glazova

Jeff Carey—Zero Player Game (2018), 18′Jelena Glazova—The Malady of Death (2017), 21′ Machine-thinking: how do machines think? Or, what does it mean to think like a machine? Generally, the easiest things to do with machines are those that have already been done before, and because of that, machine-thinking can be readily associated with the wayContinue reading “Listening #135: Carey, Glazova”

Listening #134: Circulasione Totale Orchestra, Van Eck, Tushitsua

Fushitsusha—”Untitled 01″ (1978): 15′ Cathy Van Eck – Wings 9′ Circulasione Totale Orchestra—from Open Port – for Johnny Mbizo Dyani and John Stevens“1 Yellow bass and silver cornet” 15′ Finally, the listening sessions are back in studio 3! This year, I’ll focus mostly on more full albums and such rather than mid to short pieces.Continue reading “Listening #134: Circulasione Totale Orchestra, Van Eck, Tushitsua”

Listening #133: Sultan, Andric, Brzytwa

Andreja Andric – Burst, 3’, Cut off 2’, shreds 5’ MaryClare Brzytwa – real things to talk about, 13′ G.S. Sultan – Variations for Portrait in White Concrete 2’, Further Variations in Standard Tonic 3’, Final Study 7’, from ad.sculpt tutorial d–©ital GGwjgkpsnº–ßd 2o3f8˙jc-vksdbo-±ƒ™πemfe-ws09dzf8gu2˜£∆ˆr8923g∆˚˚d¬µ˜ß˙nvbßjmd,./2.wmr8eª˙√sd D–igtlA GETHYEodretsnyetnhsigjigla i™-38™93¢µ≥≤∆usdvjkªº™•£ugnfj ™¨ˆ∂ ™ª˜•´ˆƒø˚¬ç´∆˜´ˆø√å∂˚sl mainstream digital reality: facebook, google, youtube, spotify,Continue reading “Listening #133: Sultan, Andric, Brzytwa”

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