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Listening #150: Nataraja, damirat

Dion Nataraja—Herutjokro as Posthuman, Hyperkembangan X from sandikala (2021)damirat–dmrt_live_dotolimpic_111117 (2017) I haven’t heard a lot of experimental music for Gamelan…but I’ve heard boundless experimental music for Gamelan instruments; instruments of Gamelan—mostly gongs—have been widely incorporated into contemporary classical music. My issue is that lot of the time, these instruments are used in the exact same,Continue reading “Listening #150: Nataraja, damirat”

Listening #149: Radigue

classic listenings week: Eliane Radigue – Koume 50′ (1993) I know these listenings have changed because some idiotic voice in my brain is saying: ” they cover this in 201, everyone knows it, “… pshhhh… In all fairness though, a lot of us have been exposed to Radigue’s work in some way or another, andContinue reading “Listening #149: Radigue”

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